PhasERM converters

Like inertia mass, PhasERM TR rotating converters eliminate small power failures, voltage drops, overvoltages, fast transients and other line disturbances like no other product.
The digital controller guarantees high efficiency and an extremely long life expectancy. The rotating converters do not have switches, control knobs or indicators, for the user it’s ‘transparent, like a conventional transformer.
PhasERM does not produce harmonic disturbances or electromagnetic radiation and is not sensitive to harmonic disturbances or electromagnetic fields. The motor is mounted on rubber anti-vibration pads for quiet operation.

Here are the different types of machines that can be used with these converters :

Dust filtration system- Log splitters – Scroll saw – Circular saw – Slitting saw – Band saw- Mitre saw – Mortising machines – Planer – Milling machine – Routing machine – Wooden spinning top – Wooden combination – Wood lathe – Surface planer – Sanding machine – Shredder

Column drilling machine – Cutting tools – Metal lathe – Band saw – Polishing machine – Milling machine – Sharpening machine – Shears – Grinding machine – Presses – CNC

Mixing equipment – Sorting equipment – Repotting/composing – Conveyor belts – Rolling mill – Machine

Screw lifting bridge 2 columns 4 columns
Weaving looms and weaving machines
Hydraulic scissors
Brake test bench
Painting booth
Tire balancer
Shoemaker’s bench
Heat pump

Wine press – Cooling unit – Mixers – Rolling mills – Kneading machine – Oven

PhasERM range

PhasERM TR10

Single-phase to three-phase converter

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PhasERM TR20

Single-phase to three-phase converter

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PhasERM TR40

Single-phase to three-phase converter

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PhasERM TR50

Single-phase to three-phase converter

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