Frequently Asked Questions

In case of unavailability of a three-phase network, only 2 options are available :

  • Switch to a three-phase network subscription that generates: a more expensive subscription, modification costs (table, line drawing, etc…).
  • Use of a frequency inverter, generating an PWM signal that will only be suitable for applications with only a single three-phase motor.
Ondes sinusoidale convertisseur monophase

PhasERM converters allow you to supply a three-phase machine from a single-phase network. PhasERMs create a pure three-phase artificial sinus network like frequency inverters, providing an economical and efficient solution to transform the single-phase current into three-phase..

In most cases, no modification of the machines is necessary, the converters can supply several machines, either simultaneously or separately, as long as the maximum converter power is not exceeded.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the converter that suits you best. There are currently 4 power models: 1.4kW ; 4kW ; 8kW and 12kW.

They may supply one or more machines, simultaneously or separately, provided that the maximum power is not reached.

They are dimensioned with a factor of 1.0 or a PhasERM TR10 is able to supply a 1.4kW motor without any particular inrush current constraints.

In a workshop, in a garage, or in a small company, PhasERM will be able to supply your specific three-phase tools. Whether for woodworking, metalworking, automotive maintenance, agricultural applications or any other three-phase equipment.

Installation is simple and is carried out by an electrician without any specific equipment. The installation instructions explain the power supply connection and the protection to be implemented. The smaller models simply plug into a standard household outlet.